The repair management
solution for motor claims

Trusted by leading companies

Trusted by leading companies

Why choose repair management by Openclaims?

Deliver a great customer repair journey

Reduce process and repair costs

Ensure the highest quality in repair

Openclaims offers a repair management solution for insurers, TPA’s, brokers and lease companies.

How to use Openclaims in your organisation

1. Large scale repair

Use scale as the basis for the best quality and significant reduction of repair costs.

2. Digital workflow for the entire chain

Organize the complete handling of the repair for all stakeholders to reduce process costs and deliver a consistent repair process.

3. Track-and-trace customer journey

An easy, fast and personal repair process for customers to provide them with a great customer experience which leads to lower repair and process costs.

4. Data as the driver for optimization

Get useful insights on individual case and portfolio level to fundamentally increase performance on customer experience, cost reduction and quality.

Our partners

What our customers are saying:

“The combination of a fantastic service for our customers and a way to sustainably reduce costs makes working with Openclaims a logical choice. We have transferred all our damages to the Openclaims platform: this innovative way of repair management really fits our company’s vision and way of working.” Jorg Roodbeen

Managing Partner, Klap Insurance

“What appeals to me most in repair management by Openclaimsis that it provides a clear benefit for all parties. For customers it works effortlessly and fast, insurers benefit from a better repair rate and lower process costs, and body shops are able to specialize.” Hans Schilder

Claims manager, Independer

Seamless operation with your claims handling platform

The Openclaims repair management platform operates next to your claims handling platform. Facilitate a seamless process for your customers and organization in damage, repair and administration.

Trusted by leading companies

Trusted by leading companies