The Openclaims Repair Management platform

Optimal, digital, damage handling for insurers and leasing companies.

Rhion and Openclaims start partnership car damage repair.

Read more about the partnership between the originally German insurer and Openclaims

AkzoNobel chooses the Openclaims platform for its damage processes

Read more about how the Openclaims Repair Management platform assists AkzoNobel with the digitization of its damage processes.

Higher customer satisfaction and lower process costs?

Check out our solution especially for leasing companies.

High steering as a consequence of a perfect repair process?

Check out our solution for insurers and MGA’s

Our solutions

For insurers

Find out how insurers and MGA’s get grip on their out-of-pocket claims cost, process costs and customer satisfaction

For leasing companies

Check out how leasing companies manage their out-of-pocket claims costs, damage distribution and process costs while raising their customer satisfaction

Some of our (Dutch) customers

Future proof your repair process

Boost customer satisfaction

Customer expectations change constantly. Capitalize on this by giving your customer a central role in the (digital) repair process. This way, the customer is always in control!


  • Customer centered
  • Self service, digital processes
  • Fully track-and-trace

Lower process and out-of-pocket claim costs

Optimize your processes data-driven. The Openclaims platform provides real time insight in your processes, conversion, bottlenecks and your perfomance on your own goals. This is the basis for lower process and out-of-pocket claim costs.

  • Optimize in a data-driven way, continuously
  • Easily amend processes
  • real time KPI insights

Improve repair quality

Seduce your customers into using your preferred body shop by offering them a perfect process. The Openclaims platform supplies you with the tools to make sure every damage is handled by the right body shop.


  • Maximize steering to your preferred network.
  • Insight in methods of repair
  • Performance visible on body shop level
This is what our customers say:

“The combination of a fantastic service for our customers and lowering our costs in a sustainable way make working with Openclaims the logical choice. Al of our damages are handled on the platform. Their innovative way of working fits our company and our way of working perfectly.”

Jorg Roodbeen

Managing Partner, Klap Verzekeringen

“What I like the most about Openclaims’ Repair Management is that it brings clear added value for all parties involved. Customers benefit from a flawless and fast process, the insurer benefits from a better combined ratio and body shops are able to specialize!”

Hans Schilder

Manager Claims, Independer

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Openclaims joins ADAS Alliantie

September 28, 2020 – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (in short: ADAS) contribute to road safety, sustainability and good traffic flow. The ADAS Alliantie, a …

Rhion and Openclaims start partnership car damage repair.

31 augustus 2020 – Rhion Versicherung AG, the German origin and rapidly expanding insurer on the Dutch market, is entering in a partnership with Openclaims for the handling and repair of its car damages. After ..

AkzoNobel chooses the Openclaims platform for its damage processes

Amsterdam, August 18, 2020. AkzoNobel, global paint supplier to the auatomotive industry, has chosen the Openclaims platform for the development of a new service to its Acout Selected-partners. This ..

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