AkzoNobel and Openclaims start knowledge partnership

    23 April 2019 – AkzoNobel Vehicle Refinishes, the international car refinishes producer that supports bodyshops with quality products and extended specialised services, will be sharing its expertise and market experience with Openclaims. This enables the Dutch insurtech company to offer its services to the international vehicles refinishes market on a larger scale.

Increasing results through knowledge partnership

In the last three years, Openclaims has acquired a solid market position with its car repair management solution that facilitates the market dynamics between customer, insurance company and bodyshop in an innovative way. Initially an auction platform for car repair, Openclaims now facilitates the entire repair process from start to end. With access to AkzoNobel Vehicle Refinishes’ expertise in the vehicle repair market Openclaims expects to enhance their partnering bodyshops’ results. “We look forward to investigate in what ways we can reinforce each other in this partnership”, says Lex Orie, CEO of Openclaims.

Healthy management

Openclaims links car owners, bodyshops and insurers based on the specific type of repair needed and the bodyshop’s specialization. Moreover, their solution gives the bodyshop owner new insights in their workflow, offering possibilities to optimize their operation process and reduce lead time, process and repair costs. At the same time, this is the basis to realize the best quality in repair. These benefits lead to high customer satisfaction. And since this repair cost reduction stems from process optimization, it’s not at the expense of the bodyshop’s profitability. AkzoNobel supports its clients to realise healthy management of their bodyshop. The knowledge partnership with Openclaims contributes to this goal. “Our clients profit from an effective and efficient workflow. That’s what we strive for on a daily basis, so of course we support this initiative that enhances our customers’ profitability”, states Sander Knip, Country Cluster Manager VR Benelux & UKI.


AkzoNobel’s knowledge and the company’s experience in LEAN optimization and quality improvement of bodyshops are a perfect match with the innovative Openclaims repair management solution. “Openclaims works with leading bodyshops”, says Lex Orie. “Our partnership with AkzoNobel enables us to support those bodyshops even better in their repair management. We help bodyshops to specialize, reducing costs throughout the entire value chain. This way, bodyshops, insurers and car owners all benefit.”

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