CED and Openclaims combine claims and repair management in one fully digital motor claims process.

  Lees het artikel hier in het Nederlands. Amsterdam, August 13, 2019. Value specialist CED and Insurtech Openclaims have formed a partnership agreement with which the administrative handling of motor claims is integrated seamlessly with the entire damage repair process. This allows insurance and leasing companies to be of greater value to their end-customers. Claims and repair management for motor claims in one solution With CEDConnect, CED’s damage handling platform, insurers and MGA/TPA’s have made significant efficiency improvements in handling motor claims. Openclaims, in turn, offers an innovative solution for digital repair management. It allows insurance and leasing companies to offer unprecedented customer experience while lowering the costs of claims handling significantly. With the partnership between CED and Openclaims, companies can handle their claim and repair management in a fully integrated manner. Robin Roest, CED’s Managing Director is pleased with the partnership: “This collaboration means that we’ve upgraded our service to our customers because they can offer their insurees faster and flawless handling of their motor claim.” The collaboration also strengthens Openclaims digital repair solution: “The integration with CED enables us to really integrate repair management with claims management. This significantly simplifies the handling of motor claims for all parties involved”, says Lex Orie, CEO of Openclaims. Fully digital damage flows Service provider RISK is already using the combined digital process. End-customers or insurees report their damage through their normal channels, which leads to claims being registered and handled in CED Connect. Subsequently, all relevant claim data is sent to the Openclaims platform that connects all relevant stakeholders (Insurer/MGA/TPA or leasing company, body shop and end-customer) with each other. With the connection to CEDConnect, all needed information in the repair process is instantly available, fully correct and fully complete. “For our end-customers/insurees it means that the repair of their vehicle takes place a lot faster and they can benefit from Openclaims’ labelled VIP repair service in an easy manner. Secondly, we’re optimizing damage steering according to the goals set by insurers, which contributes to lower costs in the repair value chain”, says Harm Vollmuller, Director Owner of RISK.  

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