The Openclaims body repair management platform

for the automotive industry

Market challenges

Securing body repair revenue streams, organizing repair based on OEM standards and meeting increasing customer expectations. Body repair in the automotive industry comes with multiple challenges. And we are here to help.

How does Openclaims solve these?

By digitalizing your body repair processes, we help you to have full control over repair quality, costs and customer satisfaction. Read about all the benefits of our Smart Steering Engine and Smart Process Builder for your market below.

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Market challenges

Need to secure body repair revenue stream

With increasing importance of aftermarket revenue streams, it’s vital to optimize inbound channels to secure inflow of damages your OEM / FWS body shop network. Simultaneously, handling of repairs needs to be organized in the most efficient way.

Need to secure repair based on OEM standards

Given increasing vehicle complexity and the need to secure safe repair, it’s key to organize repair compliant to OEM standards.

Developing customer experience

How do you interpret and give meaning to customer expectations that are constantly developing (as a result of experiences in other industries like e-commerce)? The ‘repair journey’ is essential in the relationship between you and your customer. The moment to prove yourself and create brand loyalty.

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How does Openclaims solve these challenges? 

Smart Steering Engine for the automotive industry

The Smart Steering Engine allows you to capture all relevant repair data and make realtime, data driven decisions on the handling and steering of your damages.

Optimize steering to the desired OEM / FWS body shop network
Secure optimal steering to your desired network by offering clients a seamless, digital intake experience
Organize safe repair based on OEM standards
Secure steering to OEM qualified body shops
Optimize customer experience
Offer your clients an intuitive, branded FNOL to start up the repair process

Smart Process Builder for the insurance industry

The Smart Process Builder allows you to create digital repair workflows that fit with your needs and situation. Based on these workflows, customer contact moments are integrated, creating a fully branded, digital customer experience. 

Lower costs
Save process costs by creating digital end-to-end processes for handling your damages
Continuously optimize processes based on data insights
Manage body shop partners and third parties creating and monitoring SLA’s
Optimize customer experience
Increase your NPS by offering your clients an end-to-end digital experience
Create brand presence throughout the complete repair journey
Optimize communication using data and customer feedback
Translate your brand values to your repair process

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