The Openclaims

Repair Management platform

Platform features

The innovative Openclaims Repair Management platform is built future-proof and can be scaled and configured endlessly. This way our platform is best solution for your organisation, always.


Customer environments and communcation are always displayed and sent in your look-and-feel


The platform is cloud-based. Available, always and everywhere, from each type of device.


Fully configureable to fit your wishes and way of working. This makes sure the platform will always fit your way of working.

Fully digital

One digital environment with one central truth. This uniform data-stream enables an optimal process.


Focused on safe data-exchange. Anchored in our ISO-EIC 27001 certified processes and protocols.

End-to-end solution

The platform takes care of the entire process, from the FNOL to invoicing.

The Openclaims Repair Management Platform connects customers and body shops with insurers or leasing companies and creates a streamlined process and a central truth while doing so.

This makes processes predictable, comprehensible and efficient.
Body shops have insight into the right information while customers take the lead in a process that is offered in full look-and-feel of the insurer or leasing company.

This way everyone contributes to an efficient and future-proof ecosystem.


How does it work?

Step 1

Report a damage

Customers report their damage through the normal channels in which they will be directed to the digital flow. Employees can also easily start a claim.

Step 2

Describe the damage

The Openclaims platform automatically gathers all relevant information and determines which handling options are applicable.

Step 3

Agree or invoke loss adjustment

Based on your internal work flow. Triggers and limits can be set automatically in our platform. As well as which damages need to be assessed manually.

Step 4

Intelligent handling

Customers select their preferred option after which the body shop is introduced and the process will be handled automatically.

Step 5


The selected body shop repairs the vehicle Both customer and issuer have full insight in the progress of the repair.

Step 6

Invoicing and handling

Invoicing and other steps that need to be taken when handling a damage take place automatically through the Openclaims platform.


Data collection

Throughout the entire process, everything is measured and analyzed. This way you’ll have perfect insight in the performance of your processes and the things that can be improved. Step by step you’ll reach the ultimate process.

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We believe in the power of the ecosystem, together makes stronger. This is why we are connected and integrated with a large number of high profile systems in the insurance and leasing industry. A selection of these systems are shown below.

Audaflow / DW7 / DWPro

Connect Claims

Level / Marketplace


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