Smart Process Builder

Easy creation of your own digital repair workflows and customer journeys

Easy creation of your own digital repair workflows and customer journeys

The Smart Process Builder allows you to create digital repair workflows that fit your needs and situation. Based on these workflows, customer contact moments are integrated, creating a fully branded, digital customer experience. 

Workflow Builder 

The Workflow Builder allows you to easily set up and optimize end-to-end repair workflows. Design workflows for different process types and let business rules define the path of individual damages. Allow third parties to have a specific role in your workflows and set up user rights to allow for an optimal flow of your damages. 

Create and adjust workflows and business rules and connect to your core platform or third party tools and data sources
Define and measure SLA's, monitor performance and optimize processes
End-to-end solution: integrate every aspect of the repair process such as quote approval, billing and NPS measurement

Journey Builder 

The Journey Builder allows you to easily create customer interaction around the designed workflows created with Workflow Builder. Interact with customers via text, Whatsapp and email and provide them with track-and-tracke insight in their repair status via personalized digital environment. 

Create and adjust customer touchpoints to build up a coherent journey
Monitor the performance of your touchpoints and optimize instantly
Easily tailored to your company branding

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