The Openclaims Repair Management platform

For insurers and MGA’s

Market challenges

How profitable is car insurance? How do I get a grip on my customers? This are just two examples of a large number of challenges insurers and MGA’s face nowadays.

How does Openclaims solve these?

With an intelligent deployment of our Repair Management platform as the basis of your damage handling. Read everything about the specific functionality for insurers and MGA’s below.

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Market challenges

Customer expectations

How do you interpret and give meaning to customer expectations that are constantly growing (as a result of experiences in other industries like e-commerce)? The ‘damage moment’ is essential in the relationship between insurer/MGA and customer. The moment to prove yourself!

Process costs

How do you lower the administrative load on your employees? How do you make sure employees actually spend their time on customers? How do you minimize administrative work?

Value chain

What is the best way to manage value chain partners? MGA’s, service providers, intermediaries, risk carriers. The insurance value chain consists of a lot of players that all have their own specific added value. But how do you manage these in a sustainable way?

Claims cost

How do I send customers to my preferred network of body shops? How do I control out-of-pocket claims cost of damages that are repaired outside of my preferred network? While performing my own role as insurer or MGA in the meantime?

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Our answers

Smart Intake

The starting point of a full track-and-trace process for both customer and issuer. The Smart intake is a complete online reporting flow, focused on collecting all relevant information to steer the damage intelligently and realtime. All from the look-and-feel of the issuer (insurer MGA, intermediary), of course.

Journey & Process

Captures the desired customer journey and the repair process in a single work flow. This work flow enables a uniform, anchored way of working (both online and offline) for all stakeholders in the repair process. A uniform process is the basis of reports about, and optimization of, processes, customer satisfaction and cost reduction.


What body shop is best-suited for a specific damage? Our intelligent distribution module connects the best-suited body shop to a customer, real time. Based on brand, location, damage, performance, planning, customer input and your own knowledge-based rules you automatically decide what’s best for each individual damage.

Case Management

All information about active and closed cases in one single place. This means damage handlers and body shops have immediate access to the information they need. This allows body shops to order parts, or damage handlers to know the current status of a case.


Our extensive dashboarding functionality enables you to manage your process and network in a data-driven way on cost, throughput time and customer satisfaction. Immediate insight into the current financial and process data (SLA’s). Easily connect customer satisfaction to process KPI’s and amend processes where needed.

Expertise manager

The solution for damages that are repaired outside of your preferred network. Expertise Manager assesses damages outside of your steering network in a uniform work flow. Based on your own triggers and expertise limits, the best control measure is automatically applied. It doesn’t only improve your steering, it also lowers the out-of-pocket claim costs of damages outside of your preferred network.

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