WA Connect

Offer your customers the best third-party liability (TPL) repair service and contribute to 30% claims cost reduction.

Third Party Liability insurance| Uncovered claims | Recoverable damages

The best recovery service for your TPL customers, completely free of charge

24 hour notice on recoverability of repair

30% reduction on repair costs

Fully outsourced service either using your brand or through a white label

No costs for your organisation

The 4 functions of WA Connect

  • Customer journey: Provide your customers with an excellent service in the total recovery and repair journey, eventhough this damage is not covered by their insurance type.
  • Procurement method: Contribute up to a reduction of 30% in claim costs by active control of TPL damages.
  • Repair network: Make use of the selected Openclaims bodyshop network or use your own repair network.
  • Dashboards: Obtain complete control of the full repair process with visual data insights for both managers and teams.

How WA Connect works

Place a link in your existing customer communication channel

No technically complicated implementation needed: get started within a week. Simply place a link in your existing customer communication and we’ll take care of the rest.

Customers easily report their damage

In a few simple steps your customer effortlessly reports his damage. Completely digital, with focus on simplicity and convenience.

Find out within 24 hours on recoverability of repair

The automated recoverability analysis provides quick and proactive feedback to your customer, including a unique warranty on the recoverability.

Immediate repair with direct reimbursement

Your customer has the option for payment equal to the amount of damages, or repair at either our or your authorised bodyshops. This way your customer does not need to advance the repair costs.

Personalised service with your brand or a white label

WA Connect increases your NPS with an excellent communication around the recovery and repair process. Proactive status updates give your customer additional insight into every step of the process. Either choose to perform all communication form your brand or with a white label.

Contribute up to 30% reduction in claim costs

With the steering model for TPL claims, Openclaims realises a claims costs reduction of up to 30% on TPL claims.

Do you have questions about WA Connect? Please contact Mick Steffens:

Wat onze klanten zeggen

“The combination of a great service for our customers and a way to sustainably reduce costs, makes Repair Manager a logical choice for us. In the meantime, all our damages are directed through the platform of Openclaims. It’s really an innovative way of repair management, that seamlessly fits in with our business operations. “ Jorg Roodbeen

Managing Partner, Klap Insurance

“What appeals to me the most in WA Connect is that it provides an advantage for all parties. For customers it works effortlessly and fast, insurers benefit from a better repair rate and shorten their internal process, and repairers can better specialise in certain damages. “ Hans Schilder

Claims manager, Independer

“Openclaims solves one of the most important problems currently faced by the insurance market. This innovation shows guts and goes against the established order. It is a brilliant alternative to the current methods of damage control in the market. “ Jury

NVGA am: innovation award, 2018

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