The ultimate repair process: easy, fast and consistent from start to end

Deliver a great customer experience, reduce costs and ensure the highest quality in repair

Place a link in your existing customer communication channel

No technical IT implementation required: just place a link in your customer communication (e.g. email, customer log-in page) to refer your customers to the repair platform.

Customers easily report their damage online

Customers upload photos on the platform and describe the damage. The body shop can make a preliminary damage assessment to enable swift and efficient repair planning.

Smart distribution matches the right damage with the right body shop

The intelligent steering portal selects the best matching body shop based on damage specialization, bodyshop workload and location.

Personal intake and vehicle pick-up

Customers select a vehicle pick up of their choice (e.g. home or office). A personal intake ensures maximum attention and care for both customer and vehicle.

Efficient and high quality repair


Either use the Openclaims repair network or steer damages to your company’s repair network. Openclaims facilitates bodyshops with a standardized customer focused process to improve efficiency and service level in repair planning and customer communication.

Track-and-trace keeps customers informed

Customers receive proactive status updates and are able to track their personal repair process at any time. This reduces unnecessary contact moments which lowers process costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Maximum aftercare with vehicle delivery and personal outtake

Upon finishing the repair, customers choose where and when their vehicle is delivered. A personal outtake completes a great customer experience.

Customers review the process and the repair

Get instant feedback on service and repair for continuous improvement.

Why Openclaims works

Create a win win win for all stakeholders

Secure platform to handle full repair process

Maximize steering percentage

Seamless operation with claims management processes

Partnered with leading companies

Trusted by leading companies

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