The repair management solution for motor claims

The best customer experience, the lowest costs and the highest repair quality

Large scale repair

Digital workflow for the entire chain

Track-and-trace customer journey

Data as the driver for optimization

Large scale repair in a network of body shops

Highest quality in repair | Lowest repair costs

Openclaims works with a network of leading body shops to handle repair on a large scale. This enables participating body shops to specialize and therefore deliver the highest quality and the lowest costs in repair. Body shops are able to realize a healthy margin creating a sustainable partnership where insurers and lease companies work together to add value for the customer.

High level of specialization and brand certification enable efficient and high quality repair

Physical audits of the repair to monitor and improve quality

Healthy margin for body shops provides a sustainable model and allows for high repair quality

Digital workflow for the entire chain

Organize the complete handling of the repair for all stakeholders | Reduce costs

The IT platform organizes and optimizes the customer experience in repair from start to end. An automated flow of data between all stakeholders ensures a uniform and LEAN process. This relieves the administrative load for insurers/ lease companies and body shops and reduces process costs.

Connect all stakeholders through a user friendly platform

Create a uniform process from beginning to end

Facilitate body shops with standardized customer focused processes

Track-and-trace customer journey

Realtime insights | Incredible customer repair experience | Reduce costs

From providing information about the damage to picking a time and place for vehicle delivery: the customer journey is easy and intuitive. With track-and-trace customers know what is happening at all times, eliminating unnecessary contact moments. The process allows for complete on- and offline branding of the repair journey, using the corporate identity your company supported by the VIP repair service brand.

Enable an easy, intuitive and personal repair process

Track-and-trace from start to end gives customers grip and control

VIP repair service brand to support insurer’s brand for a uniform on-and-offline experience

Data as the driver for continuous optimization

Reduce costs| Enhance customer experience | Increase quality

A personal dashboard for insurers/ lease companies and body shops provides grip on the total repair process to maintain full control over all claims and repairs. This is the basis to continuously improve steering percentage, cost reduction and customer satisfaction.

Data on individual case level

Data on portfolio level

Insurers, lease companies and body shops have full access to the platform

Trusted by leading companies

Trusted by leading companies