The repair management solution
for motor claims

The best customer experience, the lowest costs and the highest repair quality

One digital workflow connecting all stakeholders

Track-and-trace customer journey

Smart damage distribution to bodyshops

Data insights on case and portfolio level

Digital workflow for the entire chain

Organize the complete handling of the repair for all stakeholders

The Openclaims platform organizes and optimizes the full repair process. An automated flow of data between the insurance or lease company, bodyshop and customer creates a uniform and LEAN process. Reduce the administrative load for your company and the body shops, reduce process costs and increase customer service level with a digital process.
Connect all stakeholders through a user friendly platform
Provide your customers with a great repair service
Reduce process costs for your company and body shops

Track-and-trace customer journey

Realtime insights | Incredible customer repair experience | Reduce costs

From providing information about the damage to picking a time and place for vehicle delivery: the customer journey is easy, intuitive and digital-first. With track-and-trace, customers know what is happening at all times, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing unnecessary contact moments.
Digital-first customer repair journey
An easy and personal repair process
Track-and-trace from start to end

Smart damage distribution

Specialization | Efficient repair

The Openclaims platform uses smart distribution to match damages with the right bodyshop, based on brand certification, bodyshop workload and location. This way bodyshops can focus on the type of damages that contribute to specialization and efficient repair with the highest quality. Vehicle pick-up and delivery ensure a smooth process for customers, regardless of the repair location.
Enable bodyshop specialization
Reduce repair costs
Independent quality checks

Data insights on all levels

Reduce costs | Enhance customer experience | Increase quality

A personal dashboard for your company and body shops provides grip on the total repair process to maintain full control over all claims and repairs. This is the basis to continuously improve steering percentage, cost reduction and customer satisfaction.
Data on individual case level
Data on portfolio level
Exchange relevant data with bodyshops

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Trusted by leading companies

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